Saturday, October 19, 2019

Umbra by Florian Fischer and Johannes Krell screened at the international short film festival of Cyprus  on October 16th, 2019

Invited by the isffc to write a piece around Umbra, I recited it live on the same day during the screening. 

Σε συναντώ
στο στίχο
της νύχτας    rainbow spot

Περιπλέω την ήσυχη στιγμή της άφιξής σου          long light -ness
Την απροειδοποίητη απομάκρυνσή σου  
Στη σκιά,   σε βλέπω    
Την απροειδοποίητη απομάκρυνσή σου   
Ξανά          gushingtrickling 
και ξανά       
μείνε για λίγο, να σε συγ - κρατήσω   closer & darker
καταπίνω την γαργάρα του κρότου    a purl sound  
Swish swash, swish swash
swoosh stronger stroke
Υγροποιώ το σκελετό της σκιάς   wriggling wet   
Η επαφή κάνει διακοπές   hum,  after
Οι τελείες θαμπώνουν αυτό που μόλις είδα in black & white
στο ίδιο flash   
Και μετά, σιγανά, ζουμάρω μέσα σε έναν άλλο χώρο      
Οι στιγμές αστραπιαίες και  
Αρχή δεν υπάρχει      walk through
σε έναν άλλο χώρο 
κάποτε κινούμενο 
και εκθαμβωτικό  
η τύφλωση και ορατότητα ξανά 
το βουητό βουτιάς      the sound of a swallow    feathery
Αρχή δεν υπάρχει  
Μια ατέρμονη στροφή σχέσης…   απλά  
Όπου το βλέμμα στρέφεται ξανά   almost disappearing   

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Nicosia beyond barriers: voices from a divided city

An insightful, pleasurable, and moving journey with three brilliant writers and editors Aydın Mehmet Ali, Alev Adil, and Bahriye Kemal. It has been such a valuable experience working with this team! Join our first launch on Thursday 13 June at NiMac, Nicosia

This anthology aims to bring writers and poets together in a single volume that captures Nicosia as a shared and contested site, with dominant and marginalised narratives, capturing its fragments and its unities.  The island and its city have always been a host for differential inspiration for the inhabitants, visitors and exiles who come here.  It has created people and been created by people, triggering the act for all of us to write, read and construct it regardless of who we are, where we come from, or where we are going. In writing, reading and constructing the city we understand what it means to be at the crossroad of the world, fractured, to be postcolonial, European but not quite, Islanders, to be Muslim but not quite, to be Mediterranean, to be divided, to be united, to suffer in pain and longing together in solidarity. In this way we understand what it is to feel, live and create a city and be created by a city – a literary-lived Nicosia, Λευκωσία, Lefkoşa that is host to total difference and diversity. Bahriye Kemal

Anthology can be found at:
Moufflon bookshop, Nicosia
Rüstem Kitabevi, Nicosia 
Işik Kitabevi, Nicosia
K.P. Kyriacou bookshop, Limassol
Waterstones, London

and on: