Monday, July 4, 2011



I want to play with you, dear stranger. I wish to give to you what is “mine”, and not.
Through my rucksack (inside my spine until it exits) I tag your head, T., with my knuckles.
My unrecognizable desires, my interrupting fears, my long cheers, and my dreams of planets where humanity trades in words, are IT.
T. strokes the left cheek of W. She passes on her ripe agitation, her freedom of uncertainty, her unruly mischievousness, and the map of her mind, which leads to random places yet to be found? She tickles her face as she makes W. IT. And W. smiles at the other gratefully, as she races after P. with a suitcase of my and T.’s touch. P. might have a transparent straw, two round black stones, a slender orange rope, and a red fountain pen in his container. As W. prods him, he freezes-he tags her. He ties her feet loosely with the orange rope, rests each stone in her open palms, unbuttons her shirt, and with his fountain pen writes on her bare stomach, ‘let’s play again’. At the caress of his fuzzy index finger against her skin, he forces her jaw open, pops in the straw and breathes into it with his salivating mouth. His oxygen-her oxygen-T.’s oxygen, my oxygen, whose oxygen?
You are now IT.

The exhibition ReSpass deals with notions of the “artist” and the “curator” in a linking game of role-playing, reminding us intensively of Tag, the children’s game.
The role of artist and curator is fused here. Ideas are fluidly exchanged between role-subvertors. In an open networking, each touches on the personal stories, emotions, conversions of objects, fears, mobile spaces, visions, con-fusions, memories, art collection, and is called to handle these under their own “curatorial” experimentations. A string of curating is unleashed in this show. “Professional” curating is approached humourously here. What makes a “curator” a curator and how do artists then become “curators”? The show invites the playful viewer to follow the tag, which connects the roles of “artists” with “curators”.
The basic rules of Tag are quite simple. All you need is a group of kids and a decent size backyard. One person is “designated” as “it” and that person runs around and tries to touch someone else. If they succeed, the person they touch is now “it” and tries to chase everyone else. The game continues until everyone is exhausted…

The exhibition ReSpass is taking place within the broader framework of the exhibition ReMap 2, which is running parallel to the 2nd Athens Biennale.
Opening parties start at 20.30 on June 16th and 17th. On these nights an interactive musical installation will take place.
Location: Millerou 27, Metaxourgeio
June 16th - July 31st